Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week of Lasts

The school year is coming to a close so there are a lot of "lasts" going on.  This week was Roman's last game. Tim has been his coach and it has been so fun!

We had our little friend Ainzley over, this may be the last time Von can ever impress a girl by pulling her around in his wagon.

Tim's last birthday before he can officially round up to 40.
Happy Birthday Tim!  It was a great day and the next night he and I went to Beatles LOVE.  It  is fabulous!

London's last volleyball game.  She and her team have come so far this season.  I'm excited to watch her grow into a mini me and have a blast being an outside hitter!

This is actually a first....of many picnics to come this summer. They called this their banana picnic because Roman ate real bananas and Von held his fake one.

While Tim and I were at the Beatles show, London made us a Jepordy game and it was really impressive.  Tim is pretty hilarious at most things, but he had me cracking up at this game.  For example, on time she was tying to get us to guess the color baby blue.  She gave us all sorts of clues.  I came up with baby blue. Tim, as usual, messed around and kept saying zygote pink.  So funny!

Here's Roman's version. And true to Roman's form all categories were about Yoda. Again, so funny!

Here's Von's last day of Mommy and Me.  We actually have one more year of this class, but this is the last one for this year.  I LOVE this pre-school program and I'm excited to have him do all of his pre-school years here.

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