Monday, May 16, 2016

Boys and Their Food

Even as I'm typing this at 9:30 at night, I am cooking Ramen noodles for Roman because he was too distracted for dinner and is now "soaking" hungry.  (That is his word of the week for "super" or "very") He is also doing handstands on the bench while he is waiting.
Here are a couple of pictures of my boys and their food this week.  And to end the week off, Tim brought all 3 of the kids to church without feeding them first so he had to walk Von out of Sacrament meeting to go home for a grilled cheese and juice.  These boys!

On Monday I received a call from Cartwright.  Apparently Roman, who had not been sick at all that morning, was complaining of a stomach ache.  I picked him up and as soon as he got in the car I discovered he was not sick at all, just claimed to be so hungry and needed, RIGHT NOW, the new chips in his lunch.  I almost took him back, but decided to let the boys have a little day off and picnic.

 This was at Roman's soccer party.  Sticking with the food topic, this picture does not capture the cupcake, but every kid there had a bright green cupcake and we got to take the leftovers home.  They will all 3 have bright green poop for days.

And finally, last night I came back down the stairs to find that Von had fallen asleep in a pile of Cheetos.  I may or may not be lying if I said I had never done this myself.

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