Sunday, April 3, 2016 this thing on?

Sooooooo, I overheard a friend at church say, "Yes, I still blog and yes, I still love it."  At first I thought to myself, "I haven't blogged since London's first day of kindergarten and I am not about to start up again."  Why you ask?  Because I have this other really efficient method of documenting our lives.  I take pictures all year. I then spend all of winter break figuring out which ones I really like, how many of each photo I need to order for each kid and spend like a million dollars ordering them. THEN once I get them, I organize them into nice little chronological piles which takes another few weeks and eventually put them into cute little books for each kid where I add stickers and colorfully marked comments.  This all sounds so marvelous right? Or do I mean to say ridiculous?  But it really is how I've been doing it and it's gotten crappier and crappier each year.  For example London's first 2 or 3 albums really look like how I just described. They are cute.  Then along came more babies and Roman's and the rest of London's went to just pictures and stickers, then just pictures, then Von came along and now if I ever get around to downloading the pictures and ordering them, they just stay in that nice orange box they are mailed to me in and make me feel super guilty each time I walk by the cluttered table they set on. I even bought this cute little keepsake book for London's baptism.  The pictures are printed and sorted and sitting next to the book, but when life gets busy, and it HAS, it's just not a priority.  We all know that once free time comes as an adult we want to do mindless and kidless things like watch a television show that doesn't have a single song in it. If I ever did find some magical time to complete the book, I have a really strong feeling Roman's wouldn't even come close to getting done and once again I would have this cool thing for her and it would be completely obvious I ran out of gas for my boys.
I asked my sister who has six kids what she does.  She said she quit doing books ages ago and just makes a book on Winkflash for each vacation or family holiday.  If that works for her, great. But once I heard that friend at church say she loved blogging, I realized my method was total garbage...great in theory, garbage in practice. Instead I can upload a few pictures once a week, write up a little summary and then print it out for each of my kids one day.  MUCH EASIER!    So without further delay.....

Grandma and Grandpa Hunsaker and Jen and Adam and the kids all ended up being in Vegas this weekend so we took the opportunity to have a pre-birthday pinata for Roman.  It was so great having family and especially little cousins here.

We spent our Spring Break in Idaho.  It was fun playing with the Idaho cousins and doing lots of Easter things, but I had the flu the whole time so it pains me a little bit to look at these pictures.

We were supposed to go to Disneyland for Spring Break, but Tim's 94 year old grandpa passed away.  Since I ended up getting the flu I was very happy to be able to lay around at my sister's house instead of waiting in long lines at Disney.  There's always another time and it was so wonderful to get to go back to Idaho and celebrate his life. Grandma passed away 6 years ago so they are finally together again.  They left a great legacy and I think they were mostly all there.  All 190 of them!

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