Sunday, April 10, 2016

Little London

We are just so proud of London.  She is a giant sass pants, but she is also super funny, talented and so stinking cute.  She is a sweetheart to her friends which makes me happy. Not so much to her one little brother, but siblings will be siblings. She does have a tendency to sit around and watch the ipad all day, so I keep her super super busy.  It makes me a little crazy, but I can't stand the idea of her brain turning to mush.  Here are a few of her recent accomplishments.

I hate going to award's ceremonies with Von, but he actually stayed pretty quiet through this one and they look so cute together.  I don't even remember what this award was for, but I sure am proud. ;)

 We had a little lemonade girl scout cookie stand outside of our house for her troop. It was very windy, but they had a great time.

 Superior ratings at festival!

 Run for the Money at their school raises so much money and the school does a fabulous job organizing it.  This year's theme was Alice in Wonderland. As they ran around the field there were four or five obstacle courses that were modeled after the theme. And of course the orange slices are always amazing. Each grade runs for 45 min.  London knows how to pace herself, Roman just kept running and running and running until I thought he was going to pass out.  So cute and so funny!

 Run for the Money training, gotta have the headphones.  I'm the same way, can't run without my tunes.

 This picture is from Christmas break.  I let her get a blue streak because I knew it would mostly wash out by the time school started again.  She LOVED it.

 As of this weekend, London has a phone number.  She feels so grown up.  We did it because she is now old enough to stay by herself quite a bit and we want her to be able to reach us.  I even let her stay home with the boys while I ran across the street to Sam's Club.  Let me just say, it was the greatest thing for me! Just having her help me out like that for an hour makes so much difference.

She is also involved in swimming, volleyball and sewing classes.  Like I said, keep these kids super busy so they stay off the electronics and out of trouble!  The thing I love about London and all these activities is she really isn't scared to try new things.  She got a little nervous before her first volleyball game, but she still just gets right out there and tries and doesn't really care what others think.  I hope she stays that way forever.  That's a great attitude to have!

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