Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ode to My Chair

Do you see this chair right here?...

And this foot stool right here?

Well, they are totally gross. They are made out of that fake leather stuff that shows EVERYTHING. Which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have dogs and cats constantly rubbing up against them, the stool seems to be just the perfect place for kids to set food on, and I've even caught London wiping her mouth off on the arm of the chair. All totally gross stuff right? But the thing is, is that I still just love it so much (actually, I could do without the foot stool because EVERY toddler that enters my house leans on that thing and tips it over within seconds which drives me crazy) but the chair means so much to me because of all the many hours I have spent rocking and rocking my babies in it. I seem to bring home babies that need to be nursed about every hour for about three months so I rock and rock and rock and rock them. It can be annoying at times, but mostly I love it because I've learned they won't be small enough to rock forever. Although Roman still grabs a cracker and the remote and then insists that I rock him. It's a daily thing. But it's so cute, so even though this chair is gross no matter how many times I clean it, I still can't part with it because of all the great memories. I even caught London rocking Roman this week when he was so super sick. It was darling!

On another note, we shaved our cat this week. Isn't she so sweet!!! Ok, so she looks like a rat, but I love her. :)

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