Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mother Goose Olympics

I think pre-school teachers need a lot more recognition than they get. The ones I've dealt with and the ones I see on other people's blogs are all so talented at what they do! There is no end to their creativity and you can't tell me it's easy to get a class of 3-4 year olds to write their names, count to 100, and know the name and sound of each letter. Amazing! Here's one of the creatively fun things London did last week at pre-school. It was called Mother Goose Olympics. There was Bah Bah Black Sheep Black Garbage Bag Races, Simple Simon Met a Pie Man Pie Hat Races, Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son Jon Sock Contests, and then here's our gal in Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick Candle Hopping. Tim, who did hurdles in high school and college, was so darn proud of this one!

They also made these little Humpty Dumpty men out of crushed and painted egg shells. Crafts are another thing I appreciate about pre-school teachers because I'm just not the type of mom that says, "Hey kids, let's make a huge mess by doing crafts all day." Just not me. But I knows kids like to do them so I'm glad there's a place for that. :)

I guess they spent the whole week making this Dinosaur Egg Pinata and then on the last day of the week they got to crack it open and out came lots of little tiny toy dinosaurs..and candy of course!

And here she is because she made the 100's club, meaning she counted to 100 for the whole class. They get 100 M&M's in a little box. She is also in her pajamas here because it was pajama day for "P" week.

I've heard pre-school also referred to as "lazy parenting" but I really and truly disagree. If you have kids like mine, which most of you do, they are going to do things better for other people than for you. It's just how it works and I don't know why. Plus, being social is just as important as learning. But I will stop here before my soap box gets too big and offensive. :)

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Cassie Bumcrot said...

Totally agree! Those teachers are amazing.