Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now THIS is a Bucket List

So I've always thought Bucket Lists, or things you want to do before you die, are so funny because as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and having a vast knowledge of the after life, I know that none of the things on a bucket list are going to benefit you once you get to the other side. Maybe some of them might teach you a little self discipline, but really it's just a great big selfish thing and just another venue to brag about yourself. Neither of which will help you out on the other side. So when I got this list, written by Julie B. Beck, I was so happy to finally see a list with some real purpose. I mean don't you think there are spirits up there going, "I wish she'd clock a few less miles on that treadmill and a few more hours in the temple so I could have my ordinances done for me." So here's the list and it's also painted on the wall of the Relief Society Display in the Relief Society Building in Salt Lake City.

Essential to have on your list: The things that must be taken care of and if I don't take care of them, the blessings of eternal life won't be mine nor will they be the blessings of my family.

1. Revelation
2. Pray always
3. Daily Scripture Study
4. Time to ponder and fast
5. Making and keeping covenants (sacrament and temple)
6. Love one another

Necessary: Things we have to do as a part of mortal life in order to be self-reliant and be of service to our families and the Lord.

1. Marriage and Family relationships
2. Homemaking (cooking, cleaning, working)
3. Self-reliance and provident living
4. Temple and family history
5. Sharing the gospel
6. Church service
7. Compassionate Service

: These add variety to our lives, but they won't save us.

1. Hobbies/crafts
2. Recreational reading
3. Lunch with friends
4. Movies
5. Travel
6. Blogging and recreational computer time

Then she asks "What's on your list?"

I just thought this was so great in a world where priorities are so messed up. Even nice things start to take us away from what's important. I've always said, that's how Satan gets the righteous people, he just gets us to focus on silly hobbies a little too hard. Anyway, just thought I would share because I know this woke me up a little bit.


Suzie Q said...

I'm glad you wrote this Stephanie. Thank you for sharing! - Suzie

Suzie Q said...

I'm glad you wrote this Stephanie. I agree. Thanks for posting! - Suzie :)

Mandi Roth said...

Hey Steph - This was so great, and i'm so glad you posted this. I still read your blog, but rarely comment. sorry!!! I agree that priorities are a little messed up, and mine could use some improvement. Where did you get this? I know you said it's on the RS bldg in SLC, but did she give a talk on it or anything do you know? Email me!!! :) Hope your doing well.