Monday, December 5, 2011

Teddy Bear Toss!

We are regulars at the Wrangler's hockey games here in town. We have been big hockey fans ever since we lived in Boise and my Canadian brother-in-law got us hooked on it. Every year at Christmas time the Wranglers host a teddy bear toss. The fans bring teddy bears and as soon as the Wranglers score their first goal everyone tosses the bears onto the ice. The players round them all up real fast and then the bears are given to needy children in the area. What a great idea!! Don't you just love how Christmastime is full of opportunities to give like this? I'm also grateful to other programs like Toys for Tots, Letters to Santa, and Giving Trees so that even if you may not know anyone in need you still can give to them amongst all your other shopping. Sprout T.V. does this really cute thing where you can go online and choose a book and some jammies for certain kids. There's also this great thing here called Baby's Bounty. My New Year's resolution is to donate to them monthly. What they do is pack diaper bags full of all sorts of baby stuff and give it to the mother's here in Vegas who really need them. But EVERYTHING has to be new, even the diaper bags, and each diaper bag has to be a certain size and contain a certain amount of all the necessary goods. I guess they spend hours and hours putting diaper bags together each week. Right now I can't really volunteer to put the bags together (although I think that sounds super fun) but I can pick up an item each time I'm at Wal-mart. Anyway, we had a great time tossing our bears (we actually threw a zebra and a giraffe) and since Tim's company is now the official sponsor of the Wrangler's they had a company deal where we all got to sit in the ice box right up next to the glass and eat some goodies. The players smashed into the glass so hard that they spilled all the drinks of the table next to us. But it was fun being that close!

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