Sunday, November 27, 2011


We decided to make the LONG and COLD drive to Idaho to see some grandparents. We went to Rupert first and it's a good thing we did because that is where the snow was. I thought for sure Rexburg would have more, but it was actually really nice and sunny there. Go figure. I got my shopping fix in Rexburg at all my favorite small stores. There's just something about small and personal stores that make it so much more fun to shop there than big department stores where it's all mass produced. Porter's even sells candy behind the counter that has to be measured out. So old fashioned, but so great!


Bryan and Laura Taylor said...

I am sad I missed you! Lola got sick and then Thanksgiving came so quick and before I knew it it was all over. Love that you took your family to both grandparents houses for the break. It was nice to run into your mom last week.

LINSY said...

cute picts! tate loves the one of london with the glasses/nose. he thinks its halarious. which just makes me smile, because it makes me think of darin and tim being goofy together. hopefully some day in our future our holidays will collide in rexburg or rupert. its my true hope!