Monday, December 19, 2011

I found the angel, now where's Mary?

I like to collect Nativity Scenes and thanks to some great gifts each year from my sister-in-laws and my mom I've got a good little collection going. I try to get a new one each year even if it's just a small one.

Well this year there has been one character in particular who has been quite popular. Can you guess?

Yep, it's Mary. (This one looks pretty good considering Roman sent her flying with a sword) London is very interested in her, not because she's a girl, but because she is pregnant. London is OBSESSED with pregnancy. She makes me watch that TLC show, A Baby Story, all the time. She is constantly shoving towels up her and Roman's shirts to make them look pregnant. Pretty much if she ever hears the word she's all ears. But the funny thing is, is that she doesn't care for the finished product AT ALL. As soon as they give birth on The Baby Story, she tells me she is through watching it. When I bring up the idea of having another baby she just tells me that they are loud and they cry all the time and if I bring another home she will just go up to her room and lock the door. Which is probably why I find the Manger Scenes looking like this a lot.

Marys on one side.

And the baby Jesus' lined up and off by themselves somewhere.

One time I found this and I thought that was pretty funny too.

Her and the other little girls in Primary got to dress up as angels for the Nativity Scene at the ward party and she was super excited for that. They all looked so cute and had tons of fun spreading their angel dust around......and speaking of angel dust, we all know these right?

I always thought they were okay, but nothing great. I could take or leave them. If I'm going to indulge in a treat I usually want it homemade and involving chocolate somehow, but I read on a friend's blog about how her mom used to buy these when she was younger and put them in the freezer for all the kids to have as an after school snack. I thought I'd buy a bag and maybe London and Roman would like them frozen too, but I did sneak a frozen one for myself and it was soooo super good. I highly recommend it once all of the hundreds of plates of Christmas cookies lying around everyone's kitchen are gone. Happy Holidays!


The Giffs said...

I LOVE what London said about what she would do if you brought another baby home. Hilarious and I can totally hear her saying it. We need to have a play date!

Stacia said...

London is so funny! Now I'm going to have to try a frozen donut... which is the last thing I need right now but I'm excited to try it out! :)