Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines and More

My mom always gave me some cute things for Valentine's Day so I like to keep that tradition going.

Here's the presents ready to be found. Tim is our soccer guy in the house so he got the soccer heart box full of goodies.

Roman found his EARLY!

Then when this good sleeper woke up, she got hers.

There are some Valentine haters out there (you know who you are) but I just think it's a great excuse to make all your food pink! :)

London all ready for her Valentine party at school.

Where she made's Love Bugs. It's a caterpillar magnet holding on to a lady bug plate. Cute!


Gotta love your kitchen help!

I was cleaning one day when I heard giggling coming from somewhere. I walked around and around and couldn't tell where exactly he was, then I saw a little finger poking through this cupboard. I think he was after the DDP!

This kid is Elmo crazed!! He doesn't have many words, but Elmo is loud and clear. He about had a heart attack at the store when he saw these shoes and jammies so I just had to. I put them on him and he ran right to the place where I always take London's pictures(it's because it's the only place not cluttered with toys, I actually really hate the way the wall is painted, just have never taken the time to change it). Guess he wanted it on print!

London got her ears pierced!!! I think I was more excited than her!! We took a video of it and it's kind of sad and kind of funny at the same time. I will have to post it later. Her delayed reaction is priceless!

I have no words for this other than, yes, that is where I do most of the cooking.


Stacia said...

Cute! You are so fun! I love Roman's Elmo gear! Cute kids!

Jen said...

You're such a great sport about Valentine's day! And I have to laugh at Tim and the kids on the island. I find Adam and the boys in strange places too. :)