Sunday, November 13, 2011

Messy Messy Love

Okay, this post isn't really about messy love. It's about one kid who is a mess and one kid who has discovered love :).

These next two pictures happened the same day. The first is actually a brown sharpie he got into and drew between his eyes. When we first noticed it Tim thought it was blood and I thought it was something a little more on the stinky side. The next picture you have to look closely, but he has sparkles all over his eyes. He got into London's play make-up which has lots of glitter and the next thing I knew he had very pretty eyes.

And here he's just had enough of me bothering his mess making.

Now on to London's one true love. So the other day she says to me, "Mom, let's start naming off cute boys." (We actually play this game a lot now a days) So I began naming off boys in her pre-school class and her responses were things like "ewww" "gross" "not him" Then I said, "Well, what about Justin Bieber?" She got all shy and red in the face and went under the table and said, "Well maybe I could think about him being handsome." So funny. Even a four year old loves the Biebs.

I told her to smile really big, but she just said, "Mom, I'm doing my best here!"

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