Tuesday, March 4, 2008

He Shoots..He Scores..Hey Goalie, YOU SUCK!!

This is what the crowd shouts at the Idaho Steelheads' games whenever our team scores a goal. To tell you the truth, it's quite annoying and doesn't even rhyme, but it was very true at the last game we went to. We sat three rows up from the goalie for the other team and the Steelheads scored three times in 45 seconds. It was crazy. He got so much guff from the crowd. It was such a good game though, and by good I mean there was about ten all out fights with helmets and gloves flying off and cold hard punches being thrown. I didn't think I would like that kind of thing, but the intensity is pretty crazy in that arena and soon enough you find yourself screaming "Punch Him!" It's really not of my nature, but I'm a big fan. I told Tim I want to get season tickets to the Las Vegas Wranglers so if anyone wants to come and visit in Vegas we'll make it a date. :)


Sermon Family said...

Oh my word! It's really you! You look so good!! I have thought about you so much over the past few years and the last time I saw you was an engagement picture on Sadie's fridge. Your little family is so cute! I am so excited to hear from you that I haven't even read anything on your blog...just skimmed pictures. :) I'll be checking in on you! Love ya! Natalie

Rachel said...

Cute picture Steph! I love how Tim is wearing the exact same thing as in the top of the blog. Maybe shopping sometime Tim? I'm just kidding!:) Only I would notice something like that cause I am bored and see things that doesn't matter. Let's get together again sometime before you all leave for Vegas!