Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presidents day and a sick baby

Grandma and Grandpa Hunsaker came to visit on presidents day. After we all payed homage to the one of the greatest leaders of our country, Calvin Coolidge, we went and played around town with grandma and grandpa. We had a good time and London is finally warming up to grandma. In fact when this picture was taken she was crying until she saw that the camera was out, than she began to cheese. Grandma let her have part of her ice cream cone and London loved it. After the grandparents left our baby decided to get sick. She started getting a small fever and having a running nose. Her fever has been keeping her up at night and consequently mom has not been getting much sleep either. It was going to be a double dose of grandmas this week, but with the news of London and her cousins being sick Sue decided that there would not be enough Lysol to keep germs away from her. So, no Sue this week. She is going to be coming in about a month when all the carrier monkeys are better.


The Eames Family said...

What a doll that London is with her huge grin! Doesn't it make you so sad when they are sick and there is not much you can do but snuggle them to make the happy! I know, we've all been sick for the past couple of weeks too. Could spring just get here already, being on house arrest is going to put us all in the mad house!! Lets just think warm and healthy thoughts!
:o) Mandy

Heidi said...

Oh my heck she is cute! I love her outfit too!