Sunday, March 6, 2011

Down Here On The Floor

Our little Roman is as cute as a button, but refuses to crawl. He is super strong (just ask my hair which he pulls all the time) and he knows how to scooch around on his bottom, but he won't crawl. Some moms tell me not to worry, but he is pretty much 11 months old now so...I'm worried. Which has led me to spending an incredible amount of time down on the floor playing with and encouraging him. Although we're not making too much progress in the crawling area, I have realized that most of the good times I have spent with my kids involve them doing things down on the floor. I'll show you what I mean.

We opend our Christmas presents down here on the floor.

I'll push him around down here on the floor.

We share snacks with our friends down here on the floor.

We mess up mom's things down here on the floor.

I'm usually lying down here on the floor.

I've got a buddy down here on the floor.

Perhaps conceived down here on the floor?

Taken control of the game room down here on the floor.

So although I want him to move (which I know I will regret saying as soon as he does it) it's been pretty fun hanging out with these two cuties down on the floor.

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Stacia said...

Your kids are so cute! I can't believe Roman is 11 months. That is crazy! I think kids just go at their own rate... my sister's little girl wasn't walking at 17 months, she got worried and then one day her little girl just stood up in the middle of the floor and walked away. I was excited for and update. I hope things are going well!