Monday, April 5, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

My friend, Anne, hosted such a cute Easter party for these kids. They played games and had an egg hunt. I wanted to get a picture of the adorable party favors she made, but by the time I remembered to do it we had eaten them....oops! Here's some cute pictures anyway.

She was really good and just dyed Easter eggs quietly so I could listen to General Conference. I was very impressed!

I know this blog seems to be dedicated to London, but when you have kids that's kind of how it goes. Pretty soon she'll have to share her spotlight, I hope that goes over well. But there is one thing I can say about the lives of just Tim and I. We had our 5 year wedding anniversary this past week. In this day and age that's saying something. Natalie was nice enough to watch London so we went to The Kona Grill at Boca Park. It was really yummy if any of you ever want to try it. Thanks Tim for all the good times we've had and here's to five more...we'll go from there. :)


Texas Jacksons said...

Happy anniversary! Could she be any cuter? I don't believe so!

The Giffs said...

Yeah! Happy Anniversary! I'm glad I got to watch London that night. We had a lot of fun.