Friday, June 26, 2009

Corpus Christi

Every year my family goes to Corpus Christi. The island we stay on is actually called Mustang Island. We rent condos right on the beach. It's really the only time we ever see each other, so I look forward to it every year. Now because my family is a bit high strung, there are usually a few fights during this trip. But I am proud to say there were no doors slammed, keys thrown, tires screeching across the pavement (you get the point). Everyone was very calm and nice. In fact I think the only curse words thrown around were those used in a joking format. So good job family. Nothing a little lithium can't cure :) (I'm kidding).

Okay, I'm a horrible wife, but a great mom. I sprayed sunscreen lotion on Tim's back, but was so worried about my little pale daughter in the sun, that I didn't rub in the sunscreen and this is the result. It does show how well the sunscreen works in the places it was applied. My family gave me a lot of crap for this one so you don't have to comment on it!

Our kite flew GREAT there.

London's sand castle.

My sand castle.

My fabulous sister-in-law and niece, Kim and Kourtney.


Cassie Bumcrot said...

That looks like it was fun. We did laugh when we saw the sunblock problem. We have no words of criticism. just thanks for the laugh. Your house looks like fun....oh and we really like American Bulldogs; they're cute.

Jen said...

Here's my sunblock story: I asked Adam to rub sunblock in on my back and he got one shoulder, my back and got a little sidetracked in the "fun places". So, I had one shoulder SUPER burned, but my boobs were white as can be!