Sunday, May 25, 2008

Timmy's Big Day

It was Tim's (or as he likes me to call him "My baby's daddy") birthday on Tuesday. His family recommended this cake shop called Nothing Bundt Cake. It was a white chocolate raspberry bundt cake and that's right, all that white stuff is cream cheese frosting. It was tasty. So happy birthday Tim. I'm so glad we're taking this journey called life together and I'm also happy you are finally my age. Now I don't have to be the mature one all the time anymore :)


Rachel said...

That cake looks awesome! Happy b-day Tim!

Cory said...

Hey Tim and Steph! Happy belated to Tim, congrats on your cute little girl, and surviving the move!!! It sounds just like our move...except we swore to never move ourselves again! So, maybe the best thing would be to never move. In fact, we'll just LEAVE next time! That sounds way more fun than moving.

Tim, I have to agree that that was a strange coincidence that you randomly "next blog'd" our blog. I decided to give fate the chance and have clicked my way to hundreds of strangers...not one of them a fellow Spartan.

Best wishes and keep in touch!

Kristen said...

Hi Stephanie! I have blogspot now... because I'm that cool. =)

Hope you are enjoying Vegas!