Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latest happenings

Well, it has been wicked cold here in Boise, but we must say we are so glad we are not in any other part of Idaho where it is colder.

We have some big happenings occurring in our house hold. Tim recently accepted a fourth year rotation/future job in Las Vegas. So it appears that we may not live in Idaho much longer. We will be moving down the end of May. That should be the perfect time to move. Vegas in late May.
As for our little London she is growing very fast and starting to become quite sassy. She loves eating real food and becomes quickly agitated if we don't share our food with her.

As for me I have been spending long hours on the internet attempting to become an expert at blackjack. I figure that if i am going to live in Vegas, gambling may be a viable method of earning a second income.


ryker said...

This is too cute!
And London is sooo big! Althought I am sure taht Tim had something to do with the sack on her head. She is way too cute to have to try to put a bag on her head! Shame on you, Tim.

Laura and Bryan said...

Ok very cute!! She really looks a lot like you. I can't wait to meet the little thing. Maybe we can keep in touch better with the blog thing. You working or do you get to stay home? Miss you,



Jen H said...

You can totally tell London NEVER has her picture taken with that cheeser grin. What a cutie. I say shame on you for moving to Vegas. Now the Hunsakers are going to expect US to move there too, thanks a lot. ;) Good to see you're joining the blog world again...